Puppy Shots

Puppy Shots for our new arrival

So we have had Dillan, our German Shepherd puppy for just over a week now. He is settling in really well and getting used to the house, the layout, even picking a spot he likes. His personality is coming through already! He is a cheeky and so sweet. Already testing boundaries! Things are going really well and I’m managing to assert my authority which I never thought I’d be able to do. But doing it now is so important, I am really trying to make a real effort.

I’m continuing to read information on German Shepherd training tips and tricks on what to do to get started. These really help with discipline, routine, early training tips etc. Although I have been reading up on lots of literature, it’s still a bit daunting. This is helping with what to do in the first few weeks in terms of training as well as other things like puppy shots. This article at German Shepherd Training HQ was useful in outlining a schedule for when to take Dillan to the vet for his first set. It also mentions that different vaccines may be recommended based on the US state, the dog or even the time of enquiry. This is because research is ongoing. I thought that was a cool bit of information!

Puppy Shots

So I took him to the vets and everything went really well. They weighed him, talked about flee and worming treatments and of course vaccinations he required. It was a really productive consultation and the vet seemed to love him. So he is all set, protected and ready for his first walk. I can’t wait to take him  out and show him off! There are some fantastic walks near our house, which I know he is going to love!

We’ll be going back soon for his boosters, but for now we are just going to enjoy him.

German Shepherd Types

Kinds of German Shepherd – I didn’t even realise!

So we just got our new German Shepherd puppy. He is 10 weeks old and absolutely gorgeous. The patterns on his body are really pretty, he’s going to be a handsome young dog! We have been waiting quite some time to get our puppy. We gave it loads of thought. It was important to us that we didn’t just go out and pick up a dog. I particularly wanted to pick one that was right for us. It was important that our new member of our family fitted in with our lifestyle. That being a busy, active one where no two weeks are the same! As a result I have spent quite a few weeks researching not only dogs but also the different types of German Shepherd dogs that exist. I didn’t realise there were so many color variations as well as patterns for one, let alone that there were two main types that differed so much. It’s interesting.

German Shepherd Types

German Shepherd Types

This article was great in separating out the types not just according to patterns and color, but also working and show lines. It was really useful.  So we went for the working line dogs because they are built for strength and have a good drive. They also seem healthier which was also really important for us. I mean who wants huge vets bills a few years down the line?

He is red and black. I think the term is a saddle-back, log haired. Going to have to brush him regularly to keep all that hair in check. I was reading another article at german shepherd training hq, which was on facts that goes into how much they shed. I hope it’s not too much! The article was great though, taught me loads about the breed and made me fall in love with them. So much so, we made the decision and asleep in our kitchen is Dillan!

CNA Classes Online Just Don’t Exist!!

online cna training classesA few days ago I made a post about online nurse aid training classes…particularly about how they just don’t exist.  A few people have mentioned how I link to a site that discusses taking online CNA classes (www.uscnaclassesonline.com), and actually says there are some pros and cons to each..

There are, however, a few problems with that.  Firstly, the article linked above was written assuming that there are online classes in your area.  This may be true in some select areas, but in most areas it is JUST NOT POSSIBLE!!!

Secondly, just because that resource promotes taking classes online (When applicable), and that I disagree with that notion, doesn’t make the rest of the information invalid.  For example, they have a great directory telling you how to become a CNA in each state. Here take a look at this directory for nurses’ aide training….isn’t it useful? Even if you can’t take online CNA classes in that state, it’s still worthwhile to know the requirements…isn’t it?!

Resources for online classes are STILL USEFUL

This just drives the point home, though – if you are looking to take online training classes, you need to consider the fact that a lot of your time in training will be consumed by training in person, in a clinic, actually working with patients and people who need help.

So if you already know that, why would you bother taking your classes anywhere but IN PERSON??  You already have to get up off your butt and go to take a traditional class anyway!  I am almost sure these are people who just don’t want to get up off their couch and go and do some work!  If that’s true, they aren’t really cut out for careers in the medical field — all of which are HARD WORK!

If you aren’t cut out for the work that in-person classes requires, go and be a doorman or something!

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/usaghumphreys/3047240057/

CNA Classes Online

Online Nurse Aid Classes: What’s the deal?

CNA Classes OnlineAs a nurse, I talk to a lot of people interested in nursing every day…and a lot of them are interested in becoming a nurse. To get people like this started, I normally recommend they become a CNA.  CNA is the shortened version of the term “Certified Nurses Assistant”.  A CNA does a lot of nursing jobs.  Its a great job to get into the field without going through several years of training. (The process to become a CNA just takes a few months.  Becoming an RN takes a few years.  As such, becoming a CNA is a lot faster. You can also see if you actually LIKE nursing first before you invest all that time in training.)

So why all the talk about taking classes on the internet?!

For some reason, this age of tech people are interested in taking online classes.  That’s all I hear from young people.  Especially when I tell them about an easy entry level job.  “Can I take my classes online?”; “I want to take my classes on the computer!!”  You get the point… The problem with this is that a job like a CNA is very hands on.  So taking a CNA class online is not really possible, since a significant portion of your CNA training must be done IN PERSON on an actual patient (during clinical training sessions). There are some classroom sessions that are necessary in most states.  But its only a few hours.  And usually it’s not worth the time for the university to even develop a course that people can take online. The unfortunate answer is that taking online CNA classes is just not possible.  Not unless you happen to find a university in your area that HAPPENS to offer online CNA classes. I haven’t heard of one such university yet… That’s where a great website like this CNA classes resource becomes much more powerful.  See, once you realize that getting trained online is not possible, this website helps to you not only find in-person CNA classes in your area, but it also helps you to understand the requirements to become a CNA in your state. So, if you are interested in becoming a CNA, get the idea of CNA classes online out of your head and get started on finding a training program in your area.

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/usaghumphreys/4366913352/

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